My Top Five Go-To Thrift Stores in El Paso


I’ve always enjoyed going to thrift stores. When I was in high school I loved going to thrift stores to find unique pieces to add to my wardrobe, and visiting thrift stores was always a must when looking for Halloween costumes.

I started exclusively thrifting though when I learned about the overproduction of new clothing. Overproduction plays a major factor in our greenhouse emissions and polluting our environment. According to a World Economic article, in New York alone, 200 million pounds of clothing fill their landfill sites each year. To put it into perspective, that’s like filling up the Statue of Liberty with clothes 440 times.

We all thrift to some extent. Think about when you pass down clothing to family members with little ones who can now fit into the clothing of their older cousins or siblings. Consider thrifting as a way to have perfectly good, unique clothing passed down to you for a second life.

I’ve created a list of my go-to thrift stores where I do most of my shopping in El Paso.

My Top Five Go-To Thrift Stores in El Paso1. Once Upon A Child

Since I RARELY shop for myself, Once Upon A Child is my absolute favorite place to thrift for my kids. Although I’ve never sold any of my kid’s clothes, you can resell your kid’s clothes for store credit or cash. When I’m there, I see people get between $20 to $30 for a large bag full of clothes. It’s not much, but it’s still something!

The clothes are separated by size and then separated by colors within sizes. It’s perfect for when your school has themed weeks and you need to find that red shirt, college shirt, or plaid cowboy shirt in the next size up. I also love that they have used books available that are also separated by color.

It’s also very convenient because they display clothing for the closest holiday up front so you can go in and out quickly. They know what parents are looking for! For those who have younger little ones, they also carry gently used baby equipment. They have cribs, diaper bags, baby carriers, and so much more. I loved coming here when my son was a baby to look for new carriers.

Also, be sure to take advantage of their rewards system that gives you a $10 discount depending on the points you’ve accumulated. Make sure to use them up before they expire.

2. Family Thrift Center

I’m not sure where this store gets their items, but they carry unique items and brands at a fraction of the price if you were to buy new. The first time I visited this place I was able to purchase a bag full of five months’ worth of Kiwi Co. activity boxes, brand new, for only $7! The kids stayed busy for a full week! Their children’s clothes selection is a bit overpriced for my taste, and they don’t really have a variety of selection. But the adult clothing section is where you can get your thrift on. Treat yourself! Make sure to take cash with you because you can only pay in cash. There is an ATM machine with high fees if you forgot your cash.

3. Que Trendy

This place is located on the industrial side of town and is a little out of the way, but I consider it a hidden gem! Que Trendy indeed! It’s never busy when I go, and I find the best deals for myself! Anything I’ve ever purchased there has been under $10 and usually makes it into my regular wardrobe. They’ve also started to promote their unique discounts based on the day of the week.

4. Uptown Cheapskate

This place carries unique fashion and great brands at great prices. You can also re-sell your clothes here. On the first of each month, they have a Dollar Day Sale where all their items are between $1 to $10. I’ve found great items for myself and my husband here. They also do their part to give back to the community, since they don’t use bags, each purchase allows for a five-cent donation to the charity of your choice.

There are two locations here in El Paso, one on the westside and one on the eastside.

5. Savers, the one on the Westside

I always find great deals at this Savers. My guess is because that’s where all the rich people go and donate their clothes. I’ve gotten great deals on practically new, name-brand uniform clothes for the kids. I even scored a beautiful formal dress WITH TAGS for what I would have paid for coffee! Not to mention their frames and knick knack section always has us bringing something unique to add to our home décor.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Not only will thrifting be easy on the wallet, but you will also be doing your part to help reduce overconsumption and therefore overproduction. It’s a win-win! So be green with me and give thrifting a try! The high of finding a great deal will keep you coming back for more.

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Adriana is a proud Mexican-American, born and raised in El Paso, Texas. Formerly, she worked as a Public Affairs Specialist at White Sands Missile Range for 10 years. During the pandemic, she had to venture into unknown territory as a stay-at-home mom for her four children, each one year apart. Adriana and her husband Adrian have been happily married for nine years. Last year they decided to open a woodworking business out of their home that has allowed them to meet several talented local small business owners. They love El Paso's sense of community, unique culture, and the hidden gems they still find during their outings around town. Adriana loves her family, writing, crafting, baking, hiking, volunteering, and sewing, in that order. Her greatest goal as a parent is to raise fulfilled, mindful, and compassionate children. Follow her on Instagram here.


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