4 Fun Ways To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving Party


Making time for friends can be hard as we get older and life gets busier. However, hosting a friendsgiving is a great way to reconnect and celebrate with your friends. Here are four fun ways to host the perfect Friendsgiving party below.

4 Fun Ways To Host The Perfect Friendsgiving Party

1. Invitations

During the holidays, it can be easy to forget something when so many other things are going on. Remember to send out invitations or a quick reminder to give your guests a heads up so you can all arrange time to celebrate.

Fun Invitation Ideas:


2. Spice things up with a special theme

Of course Friendsgiving is about celebrating Thanksgiving with friends. However, adding a special theme to your party can really spice things up after attending so many thanksgiving dinners!

Friends Giving ballon’s from amazon.com
Theme Ideas:
  • Friendsgiving Brunch
  • Friendsgiving Movie Night
  • Friendsgiving Football Game Night

3. Food

You can choose to either assign everyone a dish to bring or have a potluck where guest can bring their favorite dish. Either way, my best tip for when all the food comes together is to set up a table or a specific area for all the food and serve it buffet style. (Consider a sign-up list like Perfect Potluck to make your life easier.)
Buffet Style
Our Buffet Style Friendsgiving
More Fun Food Ideas
Pumpkin Bowls

Pumpkin bowls are also a fun way to serve snacks at your Friendsgiving party! Follow these steps below to create a pumpkin bowl:

Step 1: Grab a pumpkin and trace the bowl top onto the pumpkin.

Step 2: Cut along the outline of the bowl.

Step 3: Remove the pumpkin lid and take out the insides.

Step 4: Lastly, put the bowl inside of the pumpkin and add snacks to it!

4. Drinks

If you follow the same steps above to make a pumpkin bowl you can also make a pumpkin cooler for your drinks.

(P.S instead of a bowl you can add a clear bag inside the pumpkin for a pumpkin cooler)

Pumpkin Cooler
An awesome pumpkin cooler my friend brought over last year!


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