El Paso Mom’s Top 12 Blog Posts of 2022


Well, another year has flown by (as they always seem to do). 2022 was our first full year as an organization. During this year, we’ve worked hard to consistently create quality content about motherhood, hobbies, relationships, entertainment, life, our beautiful city, and so much more!

We are so glad you are here, and we are proud of this positive community and our growth during 2022.

top posts of 2022

To wrap up our year, we present you with our top 12 posts of 2022. We can see why you liked them, and we hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as we do!

1. Top Attractions to Visit with Kids in El Paso

Top Attractions to Visit with Kids in El PasoAre you searching for something to entertain your kids and get their energy out while having fun too? Here is a list of the top attractions to visit with kids in El Paso. Read more.

2. My Top Five Go-To Thrift Stores in El Paso

My Top Five Go-To Thrift Stores in El Paso
I’ve always enjoyed going to thrift stores. When I was in high school I loved going to thrift stores to find unique pieces to add to my wardrobe, and visiting thrift stores was always a must when looking for Halloween costumes. I’ve created a list of my go-to thrift stores where I do most of my shopping in El Paso. Read more.

3. Kids Eat Free in El Paso

Kids Eat Free in El Paso
We know how expensive taking the whole family out to eat can be. But we also know that sometimes getting out of the house is much needed. Taking both of those things into consideration, we have put together a list of places in El Paso where kids eat free. Read more.
Gardening is a fun family affair. It’s the best of both worlds. You get to teach your children about a variety of different plants, how to plant them, nurture them, get dirty in the garden, and best of all enjoy eating them come harvest time! Read more.

5. The Story of How I Did NOT Run the El Paso Half Marathon

The Story of How I Did NOT Run the El Paso Half Marathon

Running is my motherland, it is my jam, it is my zone. At what point, though, does it become too much? Too much sacrifice, too much pressure, too much strain on my body… At what point does it stop being fun? Read more.

6. An Incomplete Story of Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, & Hope

fertility, infertility, miscarriage, El Paso

We thought getting pregnant was going to be easy. Infertility was the furthest thing from our minds. Boy, were we wrong. Who knew I would be so fertile but infertile? You see, I was good at getting pregnant, but struggled to stay pregnant. Read more.

7. Take a Day Trip from El Paso to Cloudcroft, NM :: Shopping, Dining, & Hiking

cloudcroft, NM, Day trip
Cloudcroft is a hidden gem. Nestled in the Lincoln National ForestCloudcroft, NM is a perfect day trip destination from El Paso, TX. From the hiking to the shopping and the food, there’s something for everyone, any age. Read more.

8. Teacher Appreciation :: 25 Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week: 25 Gift Ideas

Returning back to school in person came with a lot of mixed emotions for everyone involved. However, I can’t imagine the pressure teachers felt to keep everyone safe and focused. They truly deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Read more.

9. Practical Advice for Surviving 2 Under 2

Practical Advice for Surviving 2 Under 2

Last month I talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly of having 2 under 2. While I hope my post was reassuring for those current and future moms of two under two, what I know you really need is some practical advice for how to survive during those really hard moments. So without further ado, here are some things that would have made my life a lot easier if I had known them sooner. Read more.

10. 5 Great Venues for Quinceañeras in El Paso

5 Great Venues for Quinceañeras in El Paso

In the Latino community, Quinceañeras are one of the most important milestones in a young girl’s life. To help you have the most magical moment possible, we have compiled a list of a few elegant local event venues at various rates that host Quinceañeras. Read more.

11. 5 Tips for Purchasing a Home in El Paso’s Seller’s Market

5 Tips for Purchasing a Home in El Paso's Seller's Market

[Purchasing our home] was anything but easy. I would like to share some tips we learned along the way in hopes of making your journey easier. (Note: My experience is based on purchasing an older home NOT a new build.) Read more.

12. What If Your Parenting Village Doesn’t Exist?

What If Your Parenting Village Doesn't Exist?

While the idea of having a large support system to lean on and help raise your children sounds great, for many people like myself it simply does not exist. Read more.

Thanks for being part of the El Paso Mom community during 2022. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2023!

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